My intention during this final visit to Tokyo was to revisit the fish market, to explore a few new areas of Tokyo a little more, and possibly to undertake a day trip away from Tokyo. I had just three full days left in Japan, and true to form had left much of the last minute shopping, to the last minute, so it became quickly apparent that many of these plans were never going to happen.

I have promised a Kimono dress up experience with my partner in Asakusa, still have a wood block printing experience to undertake and all of this needed to happen from Shibuya an entirely new area of Tokyo for me. Sadly I don’t think I’m going to get to dot the bonsai tree experience.

20170504_202526The problem with Shibuya, is of course that it is a new and unexplored area of Tokyo, providing my inquisitive side with an exploratory obligation. Unlike Taito, where I stayed previously, Shibuya is full on Tokyo, Shibuya is the destination tourists visit when they wish to experience Tokyo city at its most intense. Shibuya is a vibrant place where an intersection has become a tourist attraction, sure the Shibuya crossing is pretty intense, but I’m not sure it’s worthy of being a must see experience. The Shibuya crossing does lead deeper into the narrow streets filled with bright lights, bars, restaurants and a sample collection of wacky that everyone expects from Tokyo. As always Tokyo is spotless, even here in Shibuya when the party doesn’t need to stop the city is pretty damned clean.

Despite having almost concluded six weeks of travel in Japan I can’t say that I am done here, I know I will need to come back again. With a capital city as compelling and vibrant as Tokyo I won’t be able to see all it has to offer anyway. I’d like to make it into the Imperial palace with Autumn’s foliage displayed in glorious decline, I’d love to take another stroll through Ginza, enjoying the uber clean and super quiet, tree lined back streets and more casual establishments away from the main streets on the way to the fish market.

I’d even like to take another run at Shinjuku, to see if that area will remain my Japanese nemesis or if I can finally conquer its hectic nature.
Perhaps it’s best that I save my return visit to the fish market, and the out of Tokyo day trips for my next trip to Japan.

For now, I have limited time, and I’m hungry. Tokyo awaits.