DSC04385 I do hope this overnight bus journey will be the last I need to make for a very long time, I am optimistic this will be the last time I need to unfurl myself from a bus seat and face the day having had a dreadful nights sleep in transit.

I had hoped the short-ish walk from the bus station into the old city would help to loosen the stiffness in my joints and the ache in my shoulder, it didn’t. After a few hundred metres and with exercise induced fatigue setting in my rucksack feels heavy, walking had seemed more attractive than communicating to a taxi driver with my appalling Spanish a few minutes ago, now I am not sure, but feel committed to walk on.
As the city walls come into sight I knew that walking had been of a benefit, this initial schlep has already started me engaging with the city. As I approach the wall the large city gates are open, as I walk through the gate the low rise Unesco listed Campeche old city in front of me delivers an instant dash of colour to an otherwise grey and drab morning, it’s invigorating.
20180217_155611_001Despite my tiredness I am pleased to have arrived and I look forward to relaxing in this Unesco listed old city. The delightfully warm pastel colours of the buildings plastered walls remind me of classic Mexicana, the buildings themselves reminiscent of many of the older towns I have seen around the country. I can’t allow myself to slip into a daydream of remembrance as my sleep deprived mind may wish, traffic still plies the narrow cobbled streets so I need to pay heed to the world around me.
My first impressions of the city are great and despite my grumbling body and sleepy mind I enjoyed walking into the city, I feel more connected to Campeche than I would if I had merely jumped in a taxi and arrived straight to my accommodation. 

20180218_163548Over the next few days my enjoyment of this sleepy and attractive old town continued, as I enjoyed the relaxed ambience that this quiet city offers. Besides strolling extensively through the compact old town, I enjoy walking along the long Gulf of Mexico facing waterfront, especially later in the day when the setting sun tries to match the sky to the pastel hues inside the city walls, the spectacular colours offered are fleeting as the sun dips below the horizon quickly.
I had hoped to try and include the attractive city walls within my photos, alas the city walls are set some distance back from the coastal scenes.

With Campeche being such an attractive town I am surprised to see so few international visitors here, I understand that a Unesco listed colonial era old town is less of a draw than the Yucatan’s Caribbean facing beaches, all the better for me, with fewer crowds and a relaxed vibe. The few foreign tourists I see are predominantly European, I hear French and German spoken around town, the rest of the visitors here are Mexicans, here to enjoy the sun and relaxed ambience too.