Campeche did have one excellent Mexican restaurant I felt lucky to try, they proudly served Yucatan’s specialities. I would have eaten there more but was sabotaged by their rather strange opening hours, their closed days sadly coincided with my visit to the city.

DSC04292As much as the idea of eating tortillas repels me at the moment the idea of a puffy fried version doesn’t. So a small starter of salbutes was a good starting point, the small crisp fried tortilla acting as a base for the small salad of poached and torn chicken, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and avocado perched atop. Drizzled with a little salsa rojo and a few drop of habanero infused lime and I enjoyed the fresh flavours and zing immensely.

DSC04299I enjoyed the next dish that arrived too,  camarones al coco y col morada, salsa de tamarindo y chile guajillo. These super crunchy coconut crumbed prawns were yummy, lightly marinated and with a hint of sweetness, the sour tamarind dressing coating the purple cabbage a nice contrast of sharp and sweet, a faint hint of chilli came through from the guajillo, giving my mouth a nice tingle on the back palate.

DSC04302Poc chuc as a dish name, remindes me that the Mayan people and their language is still alive and well in Mexico, the ancient culture has moved on a bit, but the language still represents the people well, especially in the Yucatan. As a dish Poc chuc refers to thin slices of citrus marinated pork, quick fried or charred. In this instance it was served with cebolla asado, chiltomate molcateado, naranja agria y rabanos, in other words grilled onion, roast tomato and habanero salsa, bitter orange and radish.

It does seem to me that I may not be the only person in Mexico who is a little over eating tortillas, otherwise simple local hybrids like molletes wouldn’t exist.
20180220_113346A molletes is, at its most basic, a variation on a grilled cheese sandwich, adjusted to suit local tastes, that is with a layer of refried beans underneath the cheese. I have seen molletes on menus all over Mexico but haven’t wanted to spend an appetite eating one when there are more compelling things to consume, with limited Mexican restaurants in Campeche my molletes moment is now.
Topped with bacon and mushrooms in addition to the bean paste and cheese and was served with pico de gallo, a fresh and spicy tomato salsa. Tasty to be fair, but something I’m glad I didn’t seek out.

DSC04327One of my final Mexican dishes in Campeche was huevos divorceados, a dish I have had a few times before, this tasty breakfast dish consists of fried eggs topped with salsa rojo and verde, separated by bean puree, the component parts are well separated and are to symbolise an unhappy marriage. I was thankful it was served with toast rather than tortillas, my relationship with tortillas is on rocky footing.